“Bosses” in the Work Place

Posted by alightbody - April 24th, 2013


On March 25th I had the opportunity to do an interview with Charlie Lobosco and Eva Lewandowski on Corporate Talk with Charlie and Eva. I invite you to listen to the complete interview here, but I wanted to highlight one aspect of that particular interview in this blog post. Because of the nature of their program, we spent part of the interview exploring how the information and self discovery in “You’re Not the Boss of Me: Discover Your Authentic Self” could apply directly to someone’s experience in the workplace and with workplace relationships.

As you read and work through the book you will begin to recognize your “bosses” or filters. These filters keep changing and shifting over our lifetime sometimes even because we become aware of them. They are different for all of us which makes it difficult for us to understand each other.

Eva: “Life can be going along ok, but at some point if [you] keep burying [your] authentic self something happens where you can no longer hide behind your inauthentic self and you have to start breaking through to move to the next part of your life. If you are living inauthentically something is going to break and you have to make a shift.”

Charlie:” In the context of the work place it doesn’t mean you have to suddenly ‘see the light’ and leave your job or right every wrong in your company. You just have to see who your authentic self is and how that person can do the best possible job in that company.”

Alma: “When somebody knows who they truly are it’s easier for them to act with their own opinions and their own thoughts and be helpful and creative. If they’re no longer controlled by the word ‘should’ [as in] ‘You should do this, you should do that, you should think this, you should say that.’ All of those things are a bunch of weights that can be fairly simply lifted off to help people do the very best they can in the work place. We always aren’t in the perfect job, but it doesn’t mean we can’t do a perfect job with what we’ve got.”

Another important section of the book deals with understanding what your body is telling you, symbolically, through dis-ease. Our bodies, like everything else in the world, are made up of energy. When we are in a healthy state both physically and spiritually, our energy can flow through and around us the way it is meant to.

When that positive energy flows through you it flows out to other people and other people’s reaction to you is totally different than if you’re sending out negative energy.

Charlie “Picture the workplace and picture the person, like you were in the past, Alma and many of us in our corporate life, going down the left lane, nothing matters but delivering results and taking that personal agenda that could be your ‘cocoon’ [bosses] even and just imposing it on the rest of the group and then that cascades down into a toxic workplace and when maybe, if the cocoon was removed, then maybe we can collaborate together on the same project to deliver it in an alternative method and eliminate all that toxicity. It is connected. I bet once you broke through and became aware of your authentic self you no longer had those old habits.”

This very concrete example shows how taking the time to explore what your bosses may be and how you have imprinted to this point in your life – positively or negatively – can have a very immediate effect on any and all areas of your life.

Listen to the full interview here and read a free excerpt of “You’re Not the Boss of Me: Discover Your Authentic Self” here.

The Latest Reviews

Posted by alightbody - February 14th, 2013

“Using her holistic health background, Lightbody aims to help people better understand themselves in her latest book, You’re Not the Boss of Me: Discover Your Authentic Self.”

“The book is the culmination of a 10-year journey beginning with herself. After being a corporate cog, losing a business and a relationship, all while experiencing bleeding ulcers, Lightbody realized she needed to stop and think about how she viewed herself.

After a 180-degree career change, Lightbody discovered similar patters in patients on her healing table. Physical ailments would be connected to emotional pains and stresses – a link commonly overlooked.”

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