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The Latest Reviews

Posted by alightbody - February 14th, 2013

“Using her holistic health background, Lightbody aims to help people better understand themselves in her latest book, You’re Not the Boss of Me: Discover Your Authentic Self.”

“The book is the culmination of a 10-year journey beginning with herself. After being a corporate cog, losing a business and a relationship, all while experiencing bleeding ulcers, Lightbody realized she needed to stop and think about how she viewed herself.

After a 180-degree career change, Lightbody discovered similar patters in patients on her healing table. Physical ailments would be connected to emotional pains and stresses – a link commonly overlooked.”

To read the complete Richmond News review click here and one from the Richmond Review here


3 Responses to “The Latest Reviews”

  1. Shonda Williams

    There is so much garbage out there about this; it makes it hard to sift through to find good information. Thank you for the clear perspective. Much appreciated.

  2. Jon Everitt

    Hey, thanks for accepting my comment and I appreciate your comment, although I don’t agree with all points; however, I think we need more thoughts shared like yours. Later.

  3. Eddie H

    I appreciate your insight. It’s always good to come across a site like yours. Keep up the good work and I’ll be back. Much appreciated.

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